Graduate Enhancement Programme for Employability 2.0 (GENERATE 2.0)

Target Group:

  • Malaysian graduates whom have successfully acquired their Diploma, Degree; and

  • Remained unemployed for at least 3 months and above after completion of studies; or

  • Newly recruited graduates in HRDF registered companies (within 1 year after completion of studies).


  • Relevant skill set and knowledge as required by the industries;

  • Explore new route for trainee career market;

  • Relevant working experience that can enhance their employability; and

  • Job placement.


Type of Courses

  • GENERATE Management Associates

  • Job/ Industry technical training

Type of Training


  • – Minimum 5 pax

  • – Maximum 25 pax

Public (Local)

  • – Maximum is 5 pax

Financial Assistance

  • Course fee – the maximum amount funded by PSMB is RM10,000 per pax. However, if the course fee is more than RM10,000, the balance amount will be borne by employers using the HRD levy.

  • Allowance will also borne by employers using the HRD Levy.

Download Guidelines:

Guidelines for GENERATE2.0

How To Apply?

Application Process Step 1: SI Grant Application via e-TRiS

7 days before commencement of training, documents required:

  • GENERATE 2.0 Training proposal

  • A copy of trainee MyKad (Identify Card)

  • A copy Diploma/ Degree

  • A copy of offer letter (newly recruited graduates); or a copy of undertaking letter from PSMB employer

  • Training programme – Course Title, Course Content / Outlines, Certification Bodies (If applicable) and training schedule with training date

  • Trainer Profile

  • Course Fee Details (Quotation)

Step 2: Approvals

Training Conducted

  • Attendance – at least 90%

  • Evaluation

  • Training inspection by PSMB

Step 3: Claim

Within 3 months after the training is complete, documents required:

  • Invoice (training fees from appointed Training Provider to PSMB)

  • Payment Voucher (if have allowance)

  • Attendance form

  • Evaluation form

  • A copy of payslip OR EPF statement for each trainees as a proof of employment

Essential Skills Public Workshop Schedule

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